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bastardsbrigadeclani should be back soon my internet is shitty its been raining for 5 days now and nothing works so im not gone but i will be back
bastardsbrigadeclanMine craft server info is
[link] use the atlauncher and install the yogcast complete pack
do not install icbm mod and then that it
ServerMiner | Minecraft Server Hosting
ServerMiner provides high quality Minecraft servers for you, we host and manage your server, so you don't have to. We are a cheap, affordable and a professional Minecraft hosting c...
bastardsbrigadeclan   bastardsbrigadeclandotserverminerdotcom
AlmostInvisible   Hey, how much does this cost per month? Me and pockett wanna catch next months cost if it isn't too bad.
bastardsbrigadeclan   around 19 a month
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bastardsbrigadeclan   Welcome to clan these are your tag wear them proud |BB|~mycholula~|R
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bastardsbrigadeclantell your friends about the bastardsbrigade minecraft server i tired of playing by myself
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I need info about the minecraft server! :sick:
NIce to see some new faces around here :sick:
man this site is sexy dem skulls man
MW2 night a success!! Thanks for the flash backs and memories!
Its fucking Friday!!!!
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