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bastardsbrigadeclantell your friends about the bastardsbrigade minecraft server i tired of playing by myself
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Hello all, You may or may not have heard recently there was a tweet made by Jeb from Mojang regarding launchers stealing client details ( source). While this was not aimed at us en...
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NIce to see some new faces around here :sick:
man this site is sexy dem skulls man
MW2 night a success!! Thanks for the flash backs and memories!
Its fucking Friday!!!!
Sup old friends
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Image credit: misstalwynIn keeping with past games in the series, it appears next year's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will see Nathan Drake trekking across all manner of exotic and ruined landscapes. Concept art featured in the upcoming Th...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Learn everything you need to know about successfully colonizing a new alien world in this extensive gameplay preview.
Published Oct 1, 2014
The upcoming Dead Rising movie from Warcraft and Godzilla studio Legendary Pictures is aiming to be, tonally, "Indiana Jones with zombies." That's according to the movie's director, Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: Origins), who spoke at lengt...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Two hackers have pleaded guilty, and another two have been charged, of participating in an elaborate international scheme to build a counterfeit Xbox One from data stolen online.David Pokora, 22, of Ontario, Canada, and Sanadodeh Nesheiw...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Following frustrations from people who believe the Nintendo 3DS controls are too cramped for the demands of Smash Bros, one inventive gamer has built a hardware mod that allows people play the handheld using a classic GameCube controller...
Published Oct 1, 2014
EB Games has announced the list of upcoming games that will be playable at EB Expo 2014, which kicks off this Friday in Sydney. Attendees will be able to get hands-on time with the games listed below.Alien: IsolationAssassin's Creed: Uni...
Published Oct 1, 2014
Join the GameSpot crew as we talk about Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, get our pole position on in Forza Horizon 2 and get flustered in Fluster Cluck with some 4 player multi-chaos action. All that, plus your latest gaming news, and up...
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Keeping a game franchise fresh and thriving for 10 years is a lofty goal. But that's exactly what Activision is attempting with Destiny. Accomplishing this feat will require a solid foundation of entertaining gameplay, but it also helps ...
Published Sep 30, 2014
The release of Lord of the Rings game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is now less than a week away out now. Below is a roundup of scores and editor reflections you can look over ahead of the game's release on September 30 today. Check out...
Published Sep 30, 2014
If I mentioned major industry events from this September, the first thing that would spring to your mind would undoubtedly be the Tokyo Game Show. But there was another event held earlier this month that you probably didn't hear as much ...
Published Sep 30, 2014
In a new interview from London's EGX event, Battlefield Hardline's creative director explained the many ways in which he believes Battlefield Hardline is a significantly different game than 2013's Battlefield 4. In a video interview with...
Published Sep 30, 2014
Considering the complexity and hybridization that's en vogue in the games scene these days--where role-playing games are being grafted onto online arenas, and shooters are also looters--it's not so surprising to see a sort of reactionary...
Published Sep 30, 2014
In some sense, the world already has a series that carries on the Gauntlet legacy; it's called Diablo, and clearly, it's done all right for itself over the years. That said, while Diablo is accessible, it's not the kind of game you'd hav...
Published Sep 29, 2014
Red Creek Valley, the picturesque setting of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, feels like a postcard come to life. This isn't one of those pristine cards you'd buy off the rack at your local corner store, though. It's one with fraying corne...
Published Sep 29, 2014
Much like Super Meat Boy and the many clones it's inspired, Fenix Rage is an intentionally difficult platformer that aims to reward more than infuriate. It's that extremely delicate balance between fun and frustration, though, that this ...
Published Sep 26, 2014
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