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Happy christmas eve ya bastards!
Hey you CoD fans. Ya better sub to Demo Ranch! [link] Tis a great YT channel.
Video for Lost Ark, everyone needs this game in their life.. when it comes out.
Thanks for letting me in!!!!! BB Baby
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Following Microsoft's announcement last week that it was selling off its feature phone business, the company today confirmed plans to "streamline [its] smartphone hardware business," resulting in 1,850 layoffs. Additionally, Microsoft wi...
Published May 25, 2016
Microsoft is expected to announce an Xbox One hardware revision and multiple new streaming devices at E3 in June, according to Microsoft blogger and podcaster Brad Sams.According to Sams, who held a livestream on YouTube discussing infor...
Published May 25, 2016
Following last week's announcement that you could sign up to test Pokemon Go, the beta program--or field test, as it's called--officially starts today. Tests are already underway in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.It's not too late to ...
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Overwatch fans assemble, the crew makes their cases for the most valuable character among Overwatch's 21. Who's your favorite?
Published May 25, 2016
Everyone who preorders a digital copy of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on Xbox One will receive a free copy of the last game in the series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, playable through backwards compatibility. The Missing Link DLC is also incl...
Published May 25, 2016
Overwatch is an exercise in refined chaos. There are multitudes of layers hiding beneath the hectic surface, and they emerge, one after another, the more you play. This is a shooter that knows how to surprise, one that unfolds at a frant...
Published May 25, 2016
After dozens of hours in the rough-and-tumble Commonwealth, the coast of Maine sounds like the perfect place for a sojourn in Fallout 4. Enjoy a boat ride; meet new people; solve a mystery with your best synthetic friend--what's not to l...
Published May 25, 2016
If you’ve read our GeForce GTX 1080 review (and we suggest you read that before delving into this article), then you know Nvidia’s new flagship graphics card is a beast. We also knew it was overclockable from our preliminary test, but pr...
Published May 24, 2016
Hitman Go is an excellent example of a game that takes core elements from a franchise and turns them into something wholly different, while feeling through and through like it belongs. As you solve its puzzles, you feel like you're makin...
Published May 23, 2016
In X-Men: Apocalypse, four mutants join the villainous Apocalypse in his journey to conquer the world: Magneto, Storm, Angel, and Psylocke. In the comics, the ancient mutant has always surrounded himself by four horsemen. Some of which w...
Published May 23, 2016
Those of us who read our game manuals cover to cover in the '80s were often treated to verbose backstories that help set the scene. These introductions provided context that was often missing within the game, and a deeper understanding o...
Published May 23, 2016
Let's start with a simple one. Can you name each turtle’s weapon? Images: Fox, New Line Cinema, ABC, Shutterstock and Konami Here they are ...Raphael = Sai. The Twin Sai, to be specific.Donatello = The Bo.Leonardo = Twin Ninjatos. No...
Published May 23, 2016
After a long day of work, you come home exhausted, make yourself dinner, take a quick shower, watch some television or play a video game. Then you try to get some sleep. After a few unsuccessful hours of tossing and turning, it’s already...
Published May 23, 2016
Every week, we take a look at some of the most bizarre, exciting, and downright unique things to happen in comics. Check out our choices of the strange and wacky things that shouldn't be overlooked from this week's releases. There may b...
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20 Years of Game of the YearIn honor of GameSpot's 20th anniversary, we've compiled every game that won our Game of the Year award over the years. From The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time to Red Dead Redemption, take a trip down memory...
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