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bastardsbrigadeclanshould be back soon been sick cannot stay awake more then a couple of hours hope to see you soon
Night   Just take it easy and we will see you when we see you.
bastardsbrigadeclanIf you want to play arma 3 its on steam with 50% off the price its now 33.24 instead of 66.49 sale ends on march 30th
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DrowHey everyone! Wanted to let you know that Gavin Broderick was born on 01/19/2015 and was 7lbs 13oz and 20" long. Babies keeping me pretty busy. I hope to get some time here soon to hop on and play with all of you. Hope all is well.
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RocKStaR   Hell yea man. Congrats!
Heliix`   Congrats Drow!
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Hit me up for dayz
hope eeryone had a great halloween
I need info about the minecraft server! :sick:
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Electronics Arts' upcoming open-world racing game Need For Speed will need an online connection to play. The news was revealed today via the official Need For Speed Twitter account in response to a fan question about whether the game wil...
Published May 29, 2015
You might have noticed that the Villager Super Smash Bros. Amiibo, one of the hardest to find (and thus most expensive) Amiibo has recently been a bit cheaper on the re-seller market. A recent re-release of the figurine in Japan has help...
Published May 29, 2015
The latest update for Destiny will see players who cheated in the Trials of Osiris player-versus-player event be issued punishment. Detailed on the Bungie blog, the developers will be investigating players who cheated in the event and is...
Published May 29, 2015
Check out what games are coming to Xbox in June for Games With Gold, Microsoft may have let an E3 secret slip early, The Witcher 3 is out but the awesome trailers just keep on coming, and our intern desperately tries to avoid Mary's wrath.
Published May 28, 2015
Nintendo's Amiibo figurines have been notoriously hard to collect since their release last year, but online store Amazon listed out very specific instructions for purchasing the next round.In an email circulated to anyone on Amazon's Ami...
Published May 28, 2015
In Sunset, you sweep dusty floors, wash spotted windows, and fold a stranger’s well-pressed, tailored clothes--every week for a full year.These acts might sound routine and tedious, but when you’re rooted in the fictional Latin Ameri...
Published May 26, 2015
A friend once joked that HBO's Game of Thrones should be renamed "A Series of Meetings," given its string of recent episodes featuring more exposition and chatter than action. I'm applying this moniker to Sons of Winter, the fourth episo...
Published May 26, 2015
Having played Puzzle & Dragons Z and Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition for quite some time now, I get the feeling that these games really weren’t made for me.Let me elaborate on that statement a bit: I adore the mobil...
Published May 23, 2015
Many articles could be written about the idea that the video game mascot--in the Mario/Sonic/Crash Bandicoot/Pikachu sense--is dead, and what that says about where games are as a medium, but suffice it to say, that Schrodinger's Cat and ...
Published May 22, 2015
It's tempting to launch into a "fans of the genre" preamble when it comes to Stretchmo, the latest in a series of block-pulling puzzle games for the 3DS. However, that would be selling it short. There's little risk that players who enjoy...
Published May 21, 2015
When the going gets tough, the tough sometimes take a fishing pole and start fishing in a bloody Jacuzzi stuffed with a mutilated body. That's, at least, the lesson you learn in Technobabylon, a point-and-click adventure that's set in 20...
Published May 21, 2015
1. Batman: Arkham AsylumThere was a time when good Batman games were rare commodities, but the past few years have blessed us with a range of excellent options. When Batman: Arkham Asylum first arrived no one knew what to expect. Once pl...
Published May 20, 2015
With Chaos Theory, its most recent episode, Life is Strange is beginning to straddle the line between the predictable and the unexpected. I felt like I knew what was going on, but after two hours of sifting through puzzles and dialogues,...
Published May 20, 2015
Military skirmishes are never two-dimensional affairs. There is always a lot of politics involved, of course, but on a more primal level, there are concerns like unit formation and attack direction to command your attention--elements tha...
Published May 20, 2015
At several different points during Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, you encounter spots where B.J. Blazkowicz can fall asleep, prompting dream sequences that stick the modern, polygon-constructed B.J. into various levels of Wolfenstein 3D, co...
Published May 18, 2015