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bastardsbrigadeclantell your friends about the bastardsbrigade minecraft server i tired of playing by myself
bastardsbrigadeclanminecraft info bastardsbrigadeclan.serverminer. com
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Hello all, You may or may not have heard recently there was a tweet made by Jeb from Mojang regarding launchers stealing client details ( source). While this was not aimed at us en...
bastardsbrigadeclanhow many of you guys and girl will be buying the new gta5 when it comes out for pc
AlmostInvisible   Maybe not buying it new but I do wanna get it. Probably going to need to upgrade my graphics card first though.
RocKStaR   donated $5.00 to bastardsbrigadeclan.
bastardsbrigadeclan   Thanks for the donation
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LalajawaAnybody ready for the new COD?
AlmostInvisible   I feel very iffy about it, its made by sledgehammer and they had a hand in both MW3 and Ghosts, and are wanting to work with infinity ward again later. Therefore I'm worried that I will get a nice steaming turd like MW3 or ghosts again.
AlmostInvisible   Ill probably wait until the next treyarch one, blops2 was pretty good in my opinion and blops1 wasnt all that bad.
Drow   I am waiting for it. I like the MW2/MW3/Ghosts better than the BOps series. So yeah, waiting
bastardsbrigadeclanok server is up its BastardsBrigadeClan.serverminerdot com
so replace the dot with .
you will need the at laucher at [link]
ATLauncher - Home
Hi All, Just a quick news item to say thanks to all who have downloaded and use the ATLauncher. We have today reached half a million downloads. That number is insane, and we defina...
bastardsbrigadeclan   the pack is yogcraft complete
and its t he newer version of if
bastardsbrigadeclan   i cant get the tropiccraaft working on
bastardsbrigadeclan   everything is working now
bastardsbrigadeclanim still working on the minecraft server so i will let you know soon what mod s and stuff
AlmostInvisible   sounds good, tried to catch it earlier today and was getting a missing multipart error when i tried to log into it.
bastardsbrigadeclan   yeah almost im changng mods so im trying to installed them right now just uploading is long
AlmostInvisibleOh dear, when did the webpage get a makeover? Looks nice.
bastardsbrigadeclan   i had nothing to do so i had some fun
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Sup old friends
"Guess what day it is?" "Hump daaaaay!"
Happy Friday!!!
Titan Fall ='s Bad Ass :d
So i've had two hijacked accnts i have a new one Cypher1357 add me if ya want guys
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Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins isn't too thrilled with the idea of virtual reality, specifically the way in which the technology--like Oculus Rift--forces you to wear goggles. In doing so, you become disconnected with the physical ...
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Today is your last chance to get a free Wii U game for registering your copy of Mario Kart 8. The special promotion, which was announced in April, ends today, July 31, and you don't want to miss it.All you need to do is register your cop...
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Aliens: Colonial Marines has been controversial ever since its release in February 2013. So controversial, in fact, that some people filed a class-action lawsuit against Gearbox and Sega, claiming that Sega falsely advertised to consumer...
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