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Happy christmas eve ya bastards!
Hey you CoD fans. Ya better sub to Demo Ranch! [link] Tis a great YT channel.
Video for Lost Ark, everyone needs this game in their life.. when it comes out.
Thanks for letting me in!!!!! BB Baby
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[UPDATE] EA has responded to our request for confirmation and provided us with the following statement:“MacFarlane Toys will be releasing toys inspired by Titanfall in Winter of 2016. We have yet to provide a release date for the next ...
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Check out this new developer diary that dives into the story of The Solus Project.
Published Feb 11, 2016
If Mario driving an X-Wing sounds appealing, then you're going to love this new video. It features characters from Mario Kart racing against each other in various Star Wars spacecrafts.YouTuber Dark Pixel created the crossover video that...
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Telltale’s Walking Dead Michonne miniseries gets a release date, and find out what you’ll get in the next free GTA 5 update!
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Erick tells you about the new Crimson Day event that has arrived in Destiny: The Taken King offering a new PvP mode, emotes, and more.
Published Feb 11, 2016
A Portal to Another WorldThis past week's episode of The Flash had a ton of Easter eggs in it. Barry, Cisco, and Harrison traveled to a parallel world called "Earth-2" and there are quite a few differences. Aside from the typical "good g...
Published Feb 10, 2016
Deadpool is a character that usually goes on merc missions alone. Part of the reason might be others simply don't want to put up with him for too long.Despite this fact, Deadpool has managed to team-up with many different characters in t...
Published Feb 10, 2016
All The New Epic SkinsOverwatch's PC closed beta has returned with some new updates, including balance adjustments, a new progression system, and the ability to play in full A.I. matches. Alongside these updates is also an assortment of ...
Published Feb 10, 2016
All The New Legendary SkinsOverwatch's PC closed beta is back with a handful of new updates, including a new progression system, balance adjustments, and the ability to play in full A.I. matches. But there's also a plethora of new Legend...
Published Feb 10, 2016
A werewolf, a paladin, a bandit, and a cleric walk into the abyss. The werewolf's transformations startle and stress the psyche of the party. The paladin's heart gives out. Our thief begins behaving irrationally. He compulsively opens su...
Published Feb 9, 2016
Deadpool has been taking comics and the Internet by storm. You can read our review of the movie and watch our video showing thirteen things you should know before seeing the movie.Deadpool won't be alone in his solo movie debut. He's bri...
Published Feb 9, 2016
The Ninja Storm to End All Ninja StormsThe Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series has one of the largest character rosters in all of fighting games. Its fourth entry is no exception featuring over 100 playable fighters--each with ...
Published Feb 9, 2016
Each week, a massive number of comics are released. Determining which titles are worth checking out can be a daunting task, especially if you're trying to keep your spending under a certain limit. We've gone through the list to help you ...
Published Feb 8, 2016
A fire burns in the distance. With the sun having long since disappeared below the horizon and endless acres of forest warding off the artificial light of civilization, its flames flood the night sky with incandescent hues. It's a natura...
Published Feb 8, 2016
As my eight-inch Yarny doll hung for dear life on a thread of wool, swinging his way across the dark underbelly of a seaside pier, my immediate thoughts were not concerned with his well-being. I was instead overcome with nostalgia. There...
Published Feb 8, 2016