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bastardsbrigadeclan   Welcome to clan these are your tag wear them proud |BB|~mycholula~|R
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bastardsbrigadeclantell your friends about the bastardsbrigade minecraft server i tired of playing by myself
bastardsbrigadeclanminecraft info bastardsbrigadeclan.serverminer. com
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Hello all, You may or may not have heard recently there was a tweet made by Jeb from Mojang regarding launchers stealing client details ( source). While this was not aimed at us en...
bastardsbrigadeclanhow many of you guys and girl will be buying the new gta5 when it comes out for pc
AlmostInvisible   Maybe not buying it new but I do wanna get it. Probably going to need to upgrade my graphics card first though.
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NIce to see some new faces around here :D
man this site is sexy dem skulls man
MW2 night a success!! Thanks for the flash backs and memories!
Its fucking Friday!!!!
Sup old friends
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It has been five years since Keiji Inafune--the influential and respected creator of Mega Man--spoke out against the flagging standards of games development in Japan. Asked at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show what he thought of the projects on d...
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If patience is the cardinal virtue shared by all role players, then Natural Doctrine will be the game that turns a lot of saints into profanity-slinging, rage-quitting sinners. To some extent, this is what developer Kadokawa Games wants....
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Plate from Nintendo's original headquarters. via WikipediaNintendo began as a playing card company in 1889 but it was the transition into video games in the '70s that earned it the worldwide recognition it has today. Technically, Nintend...
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With Ryse: Son of Rome on its way to the PC, we see how significant the visual differences are when compared to the Xbox One version.
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Join Shaun McInnis as he gets behind the wheel in Forza Horizon 2 to show off some of the sweet graphics and features.
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Discover Destiny’s secret loot spawning place, get details on the newest new Assassin’s Creed game, and how long is the Final Fantasy XV demo?
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Valve's popular PC online platform Steam now has more than 100 million active accounts, which is up by 25 million from the 75 million figure announced in January. Valve revealed the new user figure today as part of a wider announcement o...
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Today, Valve launched the Steam Discovery Update, which aims to help users filter through the glut of new games released on the digital storefront on a daily basis.As Valve's UI Designer Alden Kroll told GameSpot, the total number for ga...
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Watch extended gameplay footage from D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die featuring the Giant Bomb crew.
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If former Panama director Manuel Noriega is successful in his lawsuit against Activision Blizzard over Call of Duty: Black Ops II, it could "open the floodgates" for others to come forward and sue entertainment creators. This could put t...
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With over 8 million copies shipped to date, Ubisoft's Watch Dogs could be considered a commercial success. And though the game received a generally positive critical reception, some elements of the game have been criticized.In a new inte...
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October's action-RPG Lords of the Fallen will run in 1080p on PlayStation 4 and 900p on Xbox One, creative director Tomasz Gop confirmed in an interview today with Videogamer.Today's confirmation comes after developer CI Games said in Ap...
Published Sep 22, 2014
[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, 2K confirmed that BioShock Infinite Complete Edition is coming to consoles and PC later this year."We can confirm that the BioShock Infinite Complete Edition is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, a...
Published Sep 22, 2014
If you've not yet sampled the joys of playing games or bashing out your magnum opus from the oh-so-satisfying clickety-clack of a mechanical keyboard, trust me, they're a wonderful investment. But mechanical keyboards are de rigueur thes...
Published Sep 22, 2014
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