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bastardsbrigadeclanshould be back soon been sick cannot stay awake more then a couple of hours hope to see you soon
Night   Just take it easy and we will see you when we see you.
bastardsbrigadeclanIf you want to play arma 3 its on steam with 50% off the price its now 33.24 instead of 66.49 sale ends on march 30th
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everyone have a good 4th of July
Greetings all
Well Hello
what's up everyone
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Gaming News
Batman Arkham Knight's first story-based DLC has been given a July 14 release date by Warner Bros, with the publisher also revealing that the expansion will focus on the Batgirl character.The add-on, entitled Batgirl: A Matter of Family,...
Published Jul 3, 2015
The sudden and unexplained dismissal of a popular Reddit employee has prompted a blackout across the sprawling discussion board website.Popular subreddit pages, such as r/Gaming, r/IAmA, r/funny, r/books, r/science, r/music, and r/histor...
Published Jul 3, 2015
Jake and Mary create an explosive spectacle in Fireworks Simulator to celebrate the Fourth of July!
Published Jul 3, 2015
An extraordinarily rare prototype of the SNES-CD console, which was created as part of a failed partnership between Nintendo and Sony some 25 years ago, has been discovered.Never-before-seen images offer the first ever close-ups of the m...
Published Jul 3, 2015
Danny has a problem with Destiny. He doesn't think it's a bad game, but its development surfaces some troubling ethical questions about the role of game design in keeping players addicted. Especially when expensive DLC is involved.
Published Jul 3, 2015
Mad Catz, the prominent peripherals company that has been designing arcade sticks and other esoteric accessories since 1989, could soon face the prospect of closure if its income does not increase significantly.In late June, the corporat...
Published Jul 3, 2015
Fallout 4 fans across the UK have been gripped by a fever of interest in the coveted Pip-Boy edition, with a surge of traffic knocking one retailer's pre-order page offline.On Friday morning, the British retailer GAME announced that it w...
Published Jul 3, 2015
Electronic Arts is removing a swarm of online videos revealing key gameplay details of its biggest game of the year, Star Wars Battlefront.On Thursday, a select number of fans were invited to try an alpha build of DICE's major Star Wars ...
Published Jul 3, 2015
The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset had a big presence at E3 this year, and Oculus VR recently announced its retail iteration and its controllers. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Oculus' parent company Facebook, said that the Rift ...
Published Jul 2, 2015
Recently, publisher Activision announced a Destiny promotion in conjunction with Red Bull. Specially marked cans of Red Bull have codes which unlock an XP boost and an exclusive quest in the upcoming Taken King expansion. The cans went o...
Published Jul 2, 2015
As with the game's Japanese release, it appears there will be two separate physical releases of Fire Emblem: Fates in the United States.Following a reference to "two versions" of the game in a press release Nintendo sent out in June, lis...
Published Jul 2, 2015
[UPDATE] According to Sony's official PlayStation Network status page, all services are back up and running.The original story is below.Sony has issued a PlayStation Network service alert, informing PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners...
Published Jul 2, 2015
Valve has detailed a significant new update for Team Fortress 2, which consists of both free and premium content.The part of the update you have to pay for is the Gun Mettle campaign. This is a roughly three-month event during which you'...
Published Jul 2, 2015
1. Clyde the Ghost from Pac-ManReady for some deep Pac-Man lore? In the original game, Clyde would often change his mind and shyly beat a retreat when chasing Pac-Man. In the TV series Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures, Clyde’s caring...
Published Jul 1, 2015
FreakAngels by Warren EllisThe popular webcomic is now available in six paperback volumes stuffed to the brim with psychics, steampunks, and planetary disaster: just the thrilling sort of stuff to liven up any summer beach read bag. Buy ...
Published Jul 1, 2015